Why Do I Need General Liability

General liability insurance is the most important coverage for a contractor’s businesses. The reason for this is simply that litigation could arise from the activities and operations of a business without a warning. Incidents like a customer slip and fall – to injuries arising from your work – or damage to the property of third parties in the course of business operations are just some of the possible causes of claims, lawsuits and financial headaches.

Having a general liability insurance policy ensures that high costs of defending your business against claims of wrongdoing are 100% taken care of – less your deductible – of course. GL coverage also can help offset judgments against you resulting from litigation and even some license board decisions*.

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We have experts online and ready to help address any concerns you might be having and ensure you find the perfect policy for your business.

* Faulty Workmanship Coverage may not be included on all policy offers. Please check with your licensed agent/broker for details.